Back Massage (30 minutes) - $55.00
Body Massage (45 minutes) - $70.00
Body Massage (60 minutes) - $90.00
Foot Massage - $30.00
Scalp Massage - $20.00

Body Polish Exfoliation

Body Polish Exfoliation - $70.00

This stimulating treatment removes dead skin cells, improves circulation and gives the skin a smoother, healthier appearance. Concludes with nourishing body lotion application. (30 minutes)

Chest & Back Treatments

Back and/or Chest Treatment - $90.00

This treatment removes impurities and excess sebum to improve the appearance of acne, oily or blemished skins. With the natural balance restored, skin regains its freshness and radiance.

Micronised Marine Algae Body Wrap

Micronised Marine Algae Body Wrap - $140.00

Luxuriate as we exfoliate your body to soften and smooth your skin before cocooning you in the original marine algae body wrap, rich in minerals and vitamins essential for the health of the skin. Warmed and enriched with fragrant essential oils, this treatment detoxifies, relaxes and soothes aches and pains. A scalp, neck and shoulder massage complete this relaxing journey and release energy blocks for a feeling of well being.

Thalgo Aromaceane Body Wrap


This ultra-relaxing treatment combines Aromatherapy with a marine body wrap to improve health and well-being. After a welcome massage to soothe tensions, the therapist performs reflex activity on the feet. The Natural Marine Mud body wrap is customised with essential oils chosen to suit your specific concerns (relaxation, slimming or detox) and applied to the body. You will be wrapped in a thermal blanket while it infuses its benefits. Once the wrap is removed, a light massage is carried out with the chosen blends of essential oils.

Thalgo Marine Prelude


For the ultimate full body exfoliation designed to give super soft skin, this treatment combines Natural Marine Mud taken from the Dead Sea and natural sea salts. The body is treated to a marine salt exfoliation to eliminate dead skin and alleviate dry and rough skin and invigorate the whole body. This is then followed by an application of marine mud to naturally remineralise and revitalise. While this is taking effect a deeply relaxing scalp massage promotes relaxation and eases tension. To finish, the whole body is treated to a light massage using an ultra-nourishing body cream.